Armond’s Healing Testimony

In April of 2000 I went in for my annual physical, and was stunned to be told, I had cancer.  There was that horrible “C” word! The news was devastating to my wife, Bonnie, and I.  Bonnie left the room and went into the reception area to call our son, Jason.  After they got through crying together, Jason told us to come directly to the office where we would have a prayer meeting with our staff, board members and pastor. We went, and the first thing our pastor prayed was for the spirit of fear to be removed from us, and from that moment on, we were completely free from fear!

The Lord spoke to us that day and said, He “would walk us through it,” so we began traveling our personal journey of faith. (A dear friend of ours, David Smith, and I wrote the song, Journey of Faith, while I was going through this valley).

I went in for radiation treatments every week; five days on, two days off, for six weeks.  The doctors gave me a relatively new procedure with the chemotherapy – a shunt was put into my shoulder which released 1/2cc, every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Both doctors told us there would be negative side effects that I would begin to notice after the first week.  Praise the Lord, there were none – not then – nor in the following five weeks!  I never lost my hair, never lost my energy or strength, and never got sores in my mouth – I did not experience one side effect from the treatments that both doctors assured me I would have!  Jesus was faithful to His word when He said He would walk me through it!

I continued to travel and sing every weekend with The Imperials while taking the treatments.  No one could tell what my body was going through; the cancer was literally being destroyed with prayer and medicine.

Around the first of June I went in for surgery to have the tumor, that had shrunk by more than half, removed.  The oncologist, Dr. Chambers, had told us there would be a lengthy healing process due to the location of the tumor.  He said not to expect to be able to leave the hospital before 10 days to two weeks, and not to plan being “on the road” again, for at least three months.  Once more, our Lord showed His faithfulness to us and His Word! I was up and walking the day after surgery, home in seven days, and back on the road again in one month!

The Oncologist, Dr. Chambers, was a Christian man who prayed with us before surgery, and three years after my cancer-free check up, went to teach at Vanderbilt University.

The Medical Oncologist, Dr Porter, was also a Christian man who back-packed Bibles into China each year for his vacation, and ministered in some of the underground churches.

The Radiology doctor, Dr. Rosenblatt, was a Jewish man who gave me a certificate of completion of radiation without side affects. Every week he would tell us what side effects to expect, and was always amazed when there were none.  I kept telling him Jesus was healing my body!

Praise The Lord!  I am twelve years, cancer free – our God does all things well!!